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Mobile Technology: The missing link between health and social care integration?

Frontline carers are vital in delivering both health and social services in the community, however by embracing mobile technology in their daily routines they can bring the two disciplines closer together.

It is no secret that health and social care integration is high on the UK Government’s agenda, particularly in regards to looking after older people. Our aging society is forcing local organisations such as councils, NHS boards, GPs and their Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) to work closer together, and there is a lot of strategic discussion and debate as to how to meet the Government’s directives. Maybe now is the time to take a bottom-up approach to integration and look at the practical ways we can support both sets of frontline workers in the first instance.

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Fife Council on course to make £20M savings with mobile working solution

Scotland’s third largest local authority uses TotalMobile to change working practices and improve service delivery to 366,000 citizens

Fife Council is on target to realise efficiencies of £20M, after implementing a mobile working solution fromTotalMobile.

Scotland’s third-largest local authority is three years into a five year programme intended to increase efficiency and improve service delivery. TotalMobile was purchased at an enterprise level and is being implemented on a department by department basis, which Fife Council decided would yield the best return. It is currently deployed by the Building Services department within Fife Council, with a staged roll-out across the rest of the council to follow, including Housing and Neighbourhood and Streets, Parks and Open Spaces.

Linda Robertson, programme manager for mobile and flexible working at Fife Council, believes that implementing TotalMobile has led to the development of an entirely new working culture within Fife:

“We are facing an enormous financial challenge and mobile flexible working is one of the key enablers in keeping us on target, but this has also entailed changing the way we all work,” she said. “We have to give staff the tools to do their job in a new way, enabling them to work flexibly and remotely but at the same time delivering an improved service to the people of Fife. User adoption was key to all of this and our Building Services staff were fantastic advocates and early adopters of TotalMobile, demonstrating to the rest of the organisation the clear benefits it could bring.”

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